Rachel Furman

Category: 4 Road/ Cat 1 Expert Mtn

Racing History:  I’ve been racing since circa 2007.  Most of my bike

racing has been mountain bike, but I’ve dabbled in road at least once

a year.

Fun Fact: I grew up without a T.V. (age 4 to 13)!  Therefore I usually

suck at the pop culture category in Trivial Pursuit.

Erica Mueller

Category: 4

Racing History: Newbie at racing, I enjoy self-supported tours and

rides such as  TOMROV and No Baloney.  Anything with two wheels

beneath me makes me extremely happy!

Fun Fact: I’ve spent many hours of my life pinning insects for

an entomologist.

Sarah Gray

Category: 4

Racing History: Total of 17 USAC races and a couple ABR.  Won the Women’s

Overall at the Great Egyptian Omnium in 2010, coming in 1st in the TT and RR,

3rd in the Crit.  Came in 4th at Cobb Park in 2011.  2011 had 4 finishes in the top

5 in USAC races.  Began competitive speed skating in 2010 in 30+ Masters

division and currently skate with the Peoria Speed Skating Club.  Personal

best for 500 meters: 1:03.288 at the 2011 Land of Lincoln Short Track


Fun Fact: I just graduated from Saint Francis College of Nursing and I plan

on working as an RN at OSF.

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