2012 Indoor training will be located at the Metro Center behind Jimmy John’s.  First week of testing will be November 14th.   Special thanks to Bushwhacker this year to help us secure a multi year lease on the property behind Jimmy Johns.   Click here for session times and availability

Through the generosity of several Peoria Bicycle Club members and the support of Bushwhacker, Ltd., Russell’s Cycling & Fitness Center, the Club has developed an eight station CompuTrainer indoor training facility Complete with MultiRider software, the center provides a technically superior system for indoor group training and racing. The CompuTrainer Center is available exclusively for Peoria Bicycle Club members for use during conveniently scheduled sessions lead by members experienced in the operation of the equipment so you can make the most of your time.

Club member Stan Watkins is our Training Director, courtesy of Vision Quest Coaching. Click here for more info on Vision Quest Coaching. Group training and coaching allows for non-competitive training in which each rider performs at his or her own level. Individual athletes can train in ergometer mode — a key feature of the CompuTrainer system. The race administrator or coach will enter an athlete’s threshold value and then create a special “time-versus-percent threshold” test for all athletes to follow. Each rider will be doing the same test, but all at differing workloads!

Indoor Training typicaly starts in November and ends at the end of March running for 5 months.

Indoor Training Prices $375 for  members not participating in PBC activities, $225 for those meeting the following requirements, $125 for racers completing 10 or more races wearing a PBC jersey in a USA cycling or ABR event and meet the following requirements.

Must be a PBC member

Volunteer for 2 shifts at the bike race and either participate in a trash pickup, indoor facility set up, session leader, or race comitee member.

Ride with the PBC on 4 or more group rides, listed on ride schedule tab wearing a PBC jersey