Indoor Training


Indoor Training Facility

PBC offers indoor training year round and a structured group training program from November-March. The facility is located at on 619 S.W Water Street (above Tannin and Hops) and uses CompuTrainer power stations.

The Group training allows for both competitive and non-competitive training in which each rider performs at his or her own level to improve performance to meet his or her own personal goals.  Workouts during the week are generally 50-80 minutes in length and are twice a week.

The season starts with two test, a 20 or 40 minute “LT” test to measure your overall fitness and a shorter 4 minute “AT” test to track progress.  Workouts are based on your individual LT (a percentage of), and the test are redone throughout the year to monitor progress.

Weekend sessions are available as long as a leader signs up to run the session.  All participants are invited to a google document to manage the weekend sessions.

For more information or to sign up for indoor training, please contact Kevin at